Portable Technology Brings Unique Cooling Solution to HVAC Market
The products can offer long-term spot cooling and supplemental air conditioning:

Our COOLAIRPORTABLE air conditioners are built to the highest standards in the industry and offer unbeatable performance, reliability and value. With products ranging from 1 to 12 tons, we offer air conditioning solutions to companies small and large.

Due to the wide operating range of our products, 24/7 commercial cooling capability and rugged design, our products are a great solution for mission critical needs and harsh industrial applications.

​Typical Applications:
Applications including; server rooms, hospitals, laboratories, process cooling, multi workstation cooling, special events and much more.

​Our product is also available for rent for emergency or short term cooling needs.

Easy Installation
Cleans and dehumidifies air as it cools
Washable filters
Self-diagnostic system
Hot & cold ducts are easily extendable
Suitable for all applications
Condensate overflow protection
Spot cool and room cool thermostat settings
Durable metal construction with hard rubber casters
Automatic restart function


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