Automated cold airflow grilles for the perfect natural cooling for any space

The vents are rigged with sensors for temperature and pressure. Once installed, you tell the vent, via the app, what room it’s in (the bedroom, the home office, the den) and it goes about building a profile for that room. If the vent gets assigned to the home office, for instance, it comes pre-programmed with the knowledge that the room will be occupied from about 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. The Smart Vents stay open during those hours, and closed during the rest. Should the home office worker need to log a few extra hours one night, he’ll just adjust the occupancy settings manually in the coolairvents app. Like other smart gadgets, coolairvents will also remember user habits and intelligently open and close vents accordingly. Initial studies show this cuts down the run time on air vents by an average of 22%.

Precise regulation of temperature & humidity according to each environment unique needs!

SMART Technology That Puts You in Control of your evaporative air-cooler cooling needs:
Pre-cooling mode, Regulation of desired temperature & humidity levels mode, timer programmable mode, Intelligent cleaning mode, Intelligent fault mode

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