Simply put – it's the best radiant heating system in the world:

65% Savings
Save the planet, save some money - or even a lot of money
When it comes to radiant heat, SMART RADIANT HEAT AUSTRALIA obliterates the competition, achieving a maximum heat surface output 380 degrees celsius in just minutes. Other products take 3 to 7 times longer to reach just 300 degrees celsius heat output.

Because of this remarkable speed, we can take advantage of much lower kilowatt consumption, not only lowering your heating bill, but improving the performance, and lifespan, of your heating components as well.
Research has shown that radiant heating is about 45% more energy efficient than forced air. But with CoolairAustralia's SMART RADIANT HEATING, that percentage is even higher up to 65% due to greater heating output performance and much much lower kilowatt consumption.
Ultra-fast response means immediate heat comfort in minutes
Subtle warmth everywhere you go – that's the power of SMART RADIANT HEAT AUSTRALIA  radiant heat panels.
The whole system is operated automatically, easily and safely. Its thermostat and smart management controls by remote, central, wireless or Wi-Fi control enables flexible operation according to your unique living schedule or commercial needs for creating unique customized heating comfort zones.
Our thermostats allow the temperature to be controlled easily and precisely, down to the last degree. 

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