OPAP BETTING SHOP outdoor patio heating solution:

Outdoor Heating Design Process for 💯 satisfaction to ensure the perfect amount of heat from each heater is delivered to cover your entire patio comfortably:

First include a layout of your patio to ensure your heaters are perfectly positioned to heat your customers comfortably.

What is required?
An accurate floor plan of the building or area to be heated.
Dimensions, obstructions, distances to combustibles, and any other unique variables.
An accurate sitting arrangement with the heights of tables and chairs.

Effective Heat Coverage
The key is to keep customers comfortable, not too hot and not too cold.
And be able to regulate the temperature of each heater separately.

When installing patio heaters it is essential to maintain a minimum clearance to combustible from the structure to the heater.

The lower the clearance to combustibles for a particular heater, the closer it can be mounted to a structure. This is very important when determining which heaters would be best for your outdoor patio to ensure the safety of your customers.

Mounting Height
In order to keep your customers as comfortable as possible, it is important to determine what mounting height your heaters should be placed at.


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