The straight forward answer to doing this is by adding ice to the process of air cooling and is where products with ice compartment really come in handy. 
Though ice could be added directly to the water in the tank, it melts not too long after that, leaving an effect that wouldn’t last more than a few hours.
However, using dry ice that wouldn’t readily melt in room temperature, which is placed in a compartment separate from the water tank, is a perfect combination that would at least do more than pouring it directly.
Eureka 💡 
The CHILLAIR ™Cooling Technology:
Ambient air passes through HEPA filtration to remove—from the air that passes through—at least 99.95% (European Standard)[4] or 99.97% (ASME, U.S. DOE)[5][6] of particles whose diameter is equal to 0.3 μm; with the filtration efficiency increasing for particle diameters both less than and greater than 0.3 μm.
First cooling stage: 
Fresh cleaned ambient air passes through the evaporative pads for a first stage evaporation and reduction of temperature by 8-10 Celsius degrees.
Second cooling stage:
Cooled air passes through the chilled coils emerging as a deeply cooled air stream with a further temperature reduction of 5-8 Celsius degrees 
Always 50% more effective than conventional evaporative coolers
Powered by CHILLAIR™  Technology, COOLAIR delivers unparalleled cooling performance that is 50% more effective versus conventional coolers. Ideal for cooling open spaces.
Powerful airflow yet truly quiet
coolers are designed to be quiet even as they deliver powerful cooling 
Powered by high efficiency low-noise Australian -engineered fans that are fully encapsulated, the COOLAIR experience is one that is truly cool, but never noisy.
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